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Commonwealth Assets

Mapping the commonwealth exercise made me think a lot about where I am going to be next year.  My favorite of the twelve assets was the “Sense of Place.”  This piece of the exercise opened my mind to the future.  When I am coming home, I see the Van Gogh Sunflower and know that I am less than five minutes from being at the place I grew up.  The “wildlife and nature world” asset also makes me feel at home.  Our community supports the wildlife more than I have ever seen a town/community do.  It is fascinating to be raised somewhere and play a part, where something like that is essential.  My parents both helped with Pheasants Forever for as long as I can remember and it still to this day is an organization I love volunteering at.  Education is the last main asset that gave me chills because of our community.  Our community offers education in many different ways.  The one that I wanted to talk about is 4-H.  4-H has been a learning opportunity for me since I was at the age of six.  I started out just being in a club.  After that, I joined many different classes such as sewing, cooking, arts & crafts, photography, etc.  These taught me how to do things in life all while having fun.  I then started taking on the challenge of having livestock (sheep & pigs).  The livestock made me take care of not only myself but other lives too training me to do the right thing.  One more thing that 4-H taught me was how to be a leader.  I have been taking on offices in my club, junior leaders, 4-H council, 4-H ambassadors and more since age seven.  Overall these are few of the many examples I could give to show what the strength our community has as a whole for educating youth.  This activity gave me a chance to study the way our community supports and enhances the lives of not only young and old but the lives of animals also.