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Common Wealth Assets

In my community there is a huge variety of common wealth assets.  In my community the water cycle is a huge, asset for us. Basically our community evolves around the water cycle.  Farmers are very dependent in getting water for there crops.  Without water our community really couldn’t thrive at all.  We would not exist without farmers let alone without water.  Believe it or not our community does have a lot more common wealth than people you would believe. Also, solar power is a huge factor in what in farming here. That’s   Our town actually has a museum that dates back from like the past one hundred years, and contains most of La Juntas ancient artifacts. 

The museum even has the background on how La Junta was even founded and how it got started.  La Junta also contains a huge amount of wildlife.  One of the biggest things La Junta is known for is its great hunting.  Every year hundreds of hunters come down to La Junta to shoot Pronghorn.  Also, a town nearby; Rocky Ford is actually known as the dove hunting capital in the U.S.A.  They say it has something to do with all the leftover cantaloupe as well as watermelons.  Our community has quite a bit of renewable energy.  To power or control panels at work they are wired to a solar panel to soak up some of that sweet sun.  Also, most of the schools around the Arkansas Valley also use solar panels to power their schools. 

In my community, I never really noticed the Common Wealth Assets until now.  I have never really paid much attention to the Common Wealth Assets, but now working for OC it has opened up my eyes to them! Also