Common wealth Assets

I recently finished 120 hours of my internship. My internship takes place at the hospital in Springfield Colorado, and wow. I always knew my local hospital was a teaching hospital. But I never knew how much it could actually teach me. When I started this internship I figured I would just do 5 weeks of job shadowing. But the hospital has taught me so much I decided to go into CNA classes, which started today! And again, I have already learned more than I ever thought I knew. So to me, one of the most striking examples of commonwealth is education. As I drove around my town, there is education everywhere. Literally! I first drove by the school, where obviously, all four years of education is served. Next I drove by the jail house, where correctional education is served. The day I was driving I around I decided to go to the art studio, where they taught me that art is what you make of it. Teaching me to not be little minded with my capabilities and also how to do cool artistic things! Such as an acrylic pore which is nothing but the right amount of paint clear and liquids mixed together to make something beautiful. Then I drove to the canyons, where I learned about my beautiful wilderness that I’m blessed to live so close to. There were signs with maps and facts about animals and plants. I made sure to stop by them while hiking because the point of it was to learn! Lastly I drove by the hospital. Clearly, I already knew this was an educational place, and by that I mean a teaching hospital. Because I do my internship at the hospital, I chose to go here last because it has already taught me so much and throughout the next two years I will continue to learn from this wonderful place! If anyone knows me, they know I am always striving to learn something new. Everyday, I learn about residents, ER patients, clinic duties and a lot more, but on one day, I learned that there is more educational places then just the commonly known high school and hospital.

One of the wonderful ladies, Jill Ausmus, who has taught me so so much.
I didn’t grab a picture from the canyons, but here is one from the mountains! Such a beautiful place:)

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