Common Wealth Assets

The 12 Common Wealth Assets play a huge role in my community. To start, education ties together with all of our schools. Health ties together with our nursing homes and pharmacies. Leisure and Recreation ties together to our coffee shop. History could relate to our famous melons and cantaloupes. Sense of place can possibly relate to all of the farm markets because I live in a place where farming is very important. The water cycle can tie to irrigating since it’s very important to our town. Arts and culture can relate to the Arkansas Valley Fair that we host every year or even the colors we represent (red and yellow). Wildlife and Natural world can relate to the wild animals and the natural things like our ponds. The Soil and Mineral cycle is super important to our community because that’s what helps us grow the best crops and produce around. Food shed could relate to all of the produce that’s grown locally. Renewable energy could tie to the houses with solar panels. At last spirituality could tie to all of the different churches and places where people study their religion. To me the most important one would be the history part of where I’m from. History is a unique and fun thing to learn about especially when you live in a historical place like Rocky Ford.

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Here is a picture of one of the front gates of the Arkansas Valley Fair (Arts/Culture).

Here is a picture of a sign in Rocky Ford ( History/Food Shed).

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