Checking in

    My internship so far has been a lot like work in the past summers in that it consists of a lot of outdoor labor in gardens, and driving to transport goods. So far I’ve shoveled manure and tilled many gardens in preparation for starter plants which will be planted in potential community gardens. As for transporting goods, this past week I drove with Steve Hernandez to Rapid City to pick up an order for about four tons of food and commodities, then drove the order two hours to Pine Ridge to be stored for delivery. The next day after I got out of school, I drove to Ridge with a trailer to help load trucks with food packages to be delivered to each district. I was also responsible for transporting and distributing Kyle’s food boxes, and keeping track of the people coming to pick up food on the order list. The very next day was a long one, I was responsible for delivering the leftover boxes to people who couldn’t receive their packages in person because of complications with transportation and or health. It was especially challenging making home deliveries because of how many people had undetailed addresses without a number to call, but nevertheless we got them delivered and it was very fulfilling to see people so grateful after working so hard to accommodate those who are in need. My communication goal now is to inform as many as I could about our program and how to sign up so that people who need support get put on the list for food. As for a leadership goal, I want to better organize the building where we ship trucks out with food boxes because it can definitely be done better.

Feeding SD warehouse

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