Canyon America’s Commonwealth

It takes a lot to make a town. As I filled out my Commonwealth Map, I realized Canyon is a very blessed town. Before I recognized the different assets of Canyon, I had to figure out each asset category. When we did the exercise at our orientation I realized each town is different. I loved meeting people from all over the Ogallala region and hearing their stories. I recently watched about three different food documentaries and became interested in organic foods, gardening, etc. I loved getting to talk to people who were so passionate about the foodshed category. They gave me a lot of valuable information about community gardens, juicing and food markets. I even figured out that Canyon has a food market every Saturday of July and I had no idea! (Maybe I could help advertise or do some marketing for it?) It would be very beneficial for everyone in Canyon to know more about it. Along with foodshed information, I gained more knowledge about the soil and mineral cycle, renewable energy, history, wildlife and the natural world, water cycle, health, sense of place, education, spirituality, leisure and recreation and arts and culture. One thing Canyon really benefits from is our backyard; Palo Duro Canyon. Palo Duro Canyon can fall under leisure and recreation, culture, wildlife, history or sense of place. This is my first summer in Canyon and having Palo Duro Canyon so close is very beneficial. Along with the Palo Duro, Canyon is also home to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. This is a great asset to our community because of all of the history it contains and education it provides. Another big asset is, of course, West Texas A&M University which is my school (go buffs!) Since attending WT for the past two years it has provided me a sense of place. It has helped me feel at home. This Commonwealth Map was a great exercise because sometimes we don’t notice, or we may take for granted our surroundings. I realized how special and unique Canyon is, even if it is a small town. Our square, coffee shops, and parks are just a few of Canyon’s many amenities. I have always wanted to move to a big city, which I still want to do someday, but for right now Canyon is my home. I’m content with Canyon being my home for the time being and I’ll continue to cherish it’s beauty and history.


This is Tex Randall, a giant cowboy in Canyon. He’s pretty famous.

10689903_10152420430672286_6201515372744505245_nThese are a few of my friends I’ve made at WT. Every Wednesday we have picnics out on the lawn. I look forward to it every week.


I took this picture today! My friend and I hiked up the lighthouse trail at Palo Duro Canyon. I tried to take a picture with my finger touching the top of the ‘lighthouse’ but it obviously did not work out…

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