Brian Hernandez: Blog 4

I was given the opportunity to spend my community service helping Silverton with the High Plains Food Bank. It started in Quitaque, TX where I helped unload all the food to be passed out between the towns. There was three times the amount of food than there normally was which surprised me very much as I have never seen that much food in one room before. Unloading the food was definitely the most time consuming part because of the amount of food. We began packing boxes with food to be dispersed amongst us and the other towns that also came to the food donation. There were plenty of boxes to be passed around to everyone. After, we began to load up the other towns trailers for them to take. Some trailers even had pallets of food loaded onto them. Our trailer was loaded and we still didn’t have enough room to fit all of our food. After we were all loaded up, we drove back to Silverton to take the food to the fire station. We unloaded everything and went to deliver personal boxes to certain people in the town. There were many people we needed to deliver to and it took quite awhile. The rest of my hours were spent doing more cleaning in the school. This experience was very impacting because it showed me how much work and how many people are involved in giving to others. I also saw how the community was positively benefited by seeing the look people gave me when I delivered to them. It was quite exhilarating to see how happy people were from something I participated and helped with. The food donation is a big part of helping the community. This was a very impacting experience that I am honored to be apart of.

Placing bread on the table at the High Plains Food Bank.
Some squash from the High Plains Food Bank.

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