Bobby Villegas

Three goals I have for this Internship is 1. Make who ever I am working for Pleased with my work, 2. What ever I am doing, do it on time with no hesitation, 3. Work hard and enjoy it at the same time. The goals I have set are three I will use for the whole summer internship. A few of the major things that i have/will be doing will be working to get prepared for our County Celebration in July, I will be working with Director of the Chamber of Commerce to do so for a whole week, I have also worked with happy to prepare for the annual July 4th Golf tournament that he is Putting on and that was a-lot of work to do. The past three weeks have been great I have worked my first week at Moore than Medicine with Joshua Moore and learned how to be a pharmacist and how good paying it can be, the second week I worked at the City of Tulia with City manager Dion Miller and Meter/Water worker David Rogers I went with David and Check Water meters and electric meters with him and let me tell you it got hot doing that but really enjoyed it. My third week that i just finished up I worked with Tulia chamber of Commerce Happy Cole and learned how the Chamber works and prepared for the Gold Tournament. I have learned a-lot and to communicate with everything you do and say the right things and show up on time always. The first photo is me Checking a Water meter and you have to use the pry Bare to get it off and to not burn your hands touching it or get bit by a spider because there are always some in there. The second Picture is what I had to prepare for the golf tournament for happy, they are goodie bags for each player.   

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