Blog 5: Summary of Experience

Throughout the summer I had a variety of tasks to accomplish for my internship. My main project for the summer was creating the cemetery book for my community. Before beginning the main part of the cemetery book, I had to add the most recent deaths to our death book. Following that Blakely and I had to update Dorothy’s Book. In Dorothy’s Book are listed all of the names of the buried in our cemetery along with all of the spots reserved for other people. We had to check and see whose names were not in the list or change them if they were under reserved to passed away. After finishing this part of the project, I began to create the new cemetery book. I decided to make the cemetery book on Microsoft word since I know to work with it better than any other program. Each page of the book includes 6 pages along with some information. The information included is their name, when they were born, when they passed away, their father, their mother, their spouse (if they had one), the cause of their death, their birth record, their death record, and where they are located in the Holy Family Cemetery. If some of the people that have passed were more recent, I would have to write them in order to get their information later. Just like the info, if someone’s picture was not found, I would have to write their name down to get the pictures later. The book, however, is not completed at the time but will get completed as soon as possible. A very small portion of my internship was to help create the new parish website. At the beginning of summer I helped create the layout of the website and towards the end of the internship I helped create the simple guidelines for the Quinceanera tab of the parish website. In the guidelines I included the sacraments needed to have a Quinceanera, the importance of attending mass, and a small background of what it is all about. Even though the internship lasted longer than I had expected it was a learning experience. I learned how to organize to where my personal life, my job, and my internship would work together. The communication between me and the Ogallala Commons was fairly well. If I had a questions, I knew I could get a response as soon as possible. This also goes towards the communication between me and our supervisor. All in all, this internship was a learning experience.

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