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      May 8, 2017 My name is Mia Ramirez, I am from a tiny town called Seguin, Texas I have lived in this semi-rural town all of my life. I attend school at Texas Lutheran University , and I am majoring in art and literature. Although My majors reflect my artistic appeal, I have always … Continued

Anyone could make a list of things we cherish in our lives: home, family, heritage, community, jobs, etc.  But would your list also include water, a public library, a second language, the air that we breath, or parks?  If so, then you have an inkling of what we mean by “the commons.” The notion of … Continued

For a teenager or youth in their college years, questions seem to come from all directions! Queries such as where to find good Thai food, are easier to handle (by searching the Internet or to getting references from friends). But career questions like how to find your way into meaningful work experiences–are much tougher to … Continued

Ogallala Commons first iteration of an organization logo was crafted in 2004, featuring two arrows and a circle. These basic symbols evoked two foundational realities of OC’s mission: doing project outreach along the long north-south axis of the Ogallala Aquifer region (from White River, South Dakota in the north to Midland, Texas in the south), … Continued

OC Board & Advisers Meet Meet Up North Over a month ago (October 29-30), Ogallala Commons Board of Directors and Advisory Council held their semi-annual meeting in Atwood, Kansas.  Several OC Staff members as well as some spouses of Board members attended a Field Tour on the morning of October 29th in St. Francis, Kansas, … Continued

An Interview with Bobby Gierisch, OC Board President OC Board President, Bobby Gierisch, has always been rural at heart. After growing up in a small Texas town, Bobby earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sociology, then spent most of his adult career working with the Texas state government. “Kind of by the luck of draw,” … Continued

Youth Engagement Express Gains Steam As the school year moves past the first 4 weeks, Ogallala Commons has launched a series of 6 Youth Engagement Days.  The first one took place on September 16th on the campus of West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX. More than 75 students and 10 teachers attended from Canyon, Tulia, … Continued

My “Coast to Coast” Journey By Shelby Thibodeaux OC’s outreach territory covers most of 8 Great Plains states…it’s like a country within a country!  I had the privilege of traveling from the south end to the northern edge of the Ogallala Aquifer on a 1,900 mile trip early this month with an OC group. This journey was … Continued

New Program Launched for Alums Last month, six young adults gathered with OC staff at Talon Point Retreat Center near Channing, TX, to launch the Homecoming Learning Cohort. This pilot group was joined by 3 others who could not make the Retreat–all of them alumni of OC’s Community Intern and Apprentice Program, who are now seeking … Continued