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Bottega Tech Apprenticeship

Things are going very well with my Bottega Apprenticeship! I am working 40 hours a week and not “training” per se, I’m working independently and

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Hidden Treasure

By: Darryl Birkenfeld (Nazareth, Texas) Ogallala Commons country is often described as empty.  People living in the plains remark that “there’s not a lot going on”

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Living from your Foodshed

by Kristyn Dickey (Cheyenne Wells, CO) Food: It is colorful and nutritious and sacred; celebrated among cultures, fueling our bodies and alleviating hunger around the

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Water Cycle

Water Runs Through It

Water has always been a part of my life. My knowledge of it has steadily increased due to the influence of family and place.  As

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Community Service

For my ten hours of community service I helped bake cookies for state FCCLA fundraising. I did this project with Mrs.Self and ahe helped me

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Wrapping This Summer Up.

And just like that, my second Ogallala Commons internship has come to an end! These past two hundred hours have been filled with triumphs and

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