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Throughout my internship major projects I will be working on is maintaining and updating the social media sites for A project known as PABLO ECO 3500K. I am interning for Dr. Paul Martin, yes the “crazy” 70 year old man traveling across the country on bike for over 2200 miles. All for a great cause of course! Mr.Paul will be cycling across the country in efforts to promote and educate communities about sustainability. Mr. Paul has strongly believes adapting sustainable forms of living is key for taking care of our environments and I could not agree more! As Mr.Paul travels the country I will be documenting his whole trip through photos, blogging, and interviews. I will be running his website as readers follow his journey and learning more about sustainability. I will be running social media sites such as twitter, instagram etc. Another project I feel is major in this internship is educating myself more about sustainable living and promoting it myself. Through the first few weeks of my internship I have already learned so much over the topic. I will constantly be introduced to new ideas and will have the opportunity to talk about through blogging, social media and even my harvest ceremony.

This is not going to be any regular internship a lot of the time I myself will be coming up with the ideas to post on the blog but I accept the challenge. I am part of something greater than myself and learning along the way. Please follow my work as new information will soon be added.