Blog two: Red willow farm

At Red Willow we have planted more crops then the farm has in a bit! The market is going really good, I’m also learning a abundance of education from this internship, just from the staff and people around me, it feels really great to be around people who can really provide me information that I could find helpful to me in the future or just things to know in general.

A goal I have in communication is to speak my mind and ideas. I also feel like this internship can really give me the confidence to push myself to be the best I can because of the knowledge and the people I have to help me along the way to really speak and create my ideas into my reality. I would like my goal in communication to really learn how to speak about the problems we are facing at Taos Pueblo and what we could be doing as a community to resolve these problems, and make the community understand really what I would like to achieve as a community.

My goal for leadership would be to take the knowledge I’m getting from this and use this as leverage to really try to shape myself where I could guid and lead myself into the goal I want. My leadership goal I’m really striving for is to really get into agriculture and get more knowledge myself as an individual and soon explain to my community really what agriculture is and the importance of it. I just feel a lot of people don’t know what that means or simply what it is.

My goal for expanding my professional network is really taking in the knowledge and the great information from Ogallala Commons and what it means to me as a individual, and how I would like to use this information to really shape my goals and achieve them to the best extent I can. I would like to really set a goal for me and my community into the future especially when it comes to supporting and giving back to my community and really expanding my goal into my profession and what I can do with this knowledge in the future. Sincerely, Jennifer K

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