Blog Two: Levi Collins First Experiences

I have set a few goals for myself with my job. One of the goals I have set for communication in my job is that I am able to talk and understand what my boss is telling me to do with certain projects. Before, I didn’t really understand any of the terms that my boss, Mike, said, but over time, I am starting to slightly understand it. It helped by just talking to him and asking him questions. A 2nd goal that I have that deals with leadership is that I am able to help others with jobs that I have to do while on the job, and be trusted with certain projects. One of the softwares I use a lot is Excel, and sometimes, my co-worker Chase uses it as well. I can help him with some things, and I also know that if I don’t know something, I can ask our boss for help. I also have to manage 2 ponds with help from Chase. I am trusted enough that I can go out and fix things if they go wrong by myself. Most likely, I just have to work hard, put things at what they are suppose to be at, and learn everything through repetition and hard work. A third goal that I have in the topic of network building is that I want to be able to meet many different people while on the job. I have met many people on the job, and by talking with them, I am able to gain knowledge about what they do. This usually helps me when I am doing certain jobs. One of the major projects I am in charge of is setting up a grant database that includes all of the information on each grant set for the Arkansas River, and putting it into a organized set of data. I am also in co-charge for 2 ponds with Chase. With these two ponds, we set water aside from a canal to sell off. Some of the experiences I have had so far have been amazing. I got into some dirty work by having to dig a 4 foot hole with Chase and another co-worker, Dillon.

I am so tired after helping dig this hole with my co-workers!


I’m trying to both put some probes into the dirt on the sides of the bottom of the hole and try not to let my pants get pulled off.

I also got to go on trips to a nearby town called McClave to study wells in that location, as well as in the area around the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District building. It has been both fun and educational experience doing this internship.

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