Blog Post #2 – Emerson Nichols

By: Emerson Nichols

I have really been enjoying my internship so far! I have been doing a lot of research and I have also met with my county’s Historical Society, who is hosting my internship, and they have been very supportive and encouraging! In our meetings, we have discussed what type of display they would like the QR codes to be on, what they would like to have pop up when the QR codes are scanned, costs that are associated with purchasing a package of QR codes, and possible coordination between different organizations to help split that cost. We had discussed using a QR code display that would require us to dig a post into the ground, however, I have recently come up with a new display option, which I am pitching to the historical society. Currently, I am working on my first draft of the QR codes. I am starting with the Gernon house, the first stone house in Russell. I hope to have this QR code done as soon as possible, that way I can show it to the historical society and we can work on any improvements or corrections that need to be made. Once the QR code has been approved by the Historical Society, I will know what aesthetic they would prefer for the rest of the QR Codes and I will be able to start on the rest of the QR Codes.

One goal I have in communication is to be more confident and clear when talking to people higher up in the ranks. I would like to sound more sure of myself when I am speaking to others. One goal I have in leadership is to be more inclusive. I feel that I am already pretty inclusive, but I feel that everyone can work harder to include others. One goal I have in expanding my professional network is to meet more people and do the best job possible for those people. If I do a great job on these QR codes, and in other areas of work, then if my hosts are asked about my work ethic, etc. they will be inclined to say good things about me. Expanding my professional network will hopefully help me later on down the road.

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