Blog 5- Summary

Time has flown by and unbelievably, I’m already finished with my internship.  Despite the literal conclusion of my time at Santa Fe Trail BOCES, the experiences I gained there will last within me for many years to come.  I did a plethora of projects throughout my time there.  The first project was organizing the file room pictured below.  I had to sort through all of the records and remove the old ones, then add the new ones.  The next project was to organized and dispose of all the old technology.  I had to assess various printers, computers, and the like to determine the function and ability of the items.  After doing this, I had to take a full inventory of all the equipment and furniture that Santa Fe Trail BOCES owned.  Yet another project I did was help my supervisor, who was also my internship supervisor, with her end of year report.  I sifted through and confirmed lots of data to measure changes in students from year to year.  It was very interesting to work with her and get to know her more.  Throughout the internship, she was incredibly helpful and kind.  She constantly gave me feedback, pushed me to do better, and assisted me in any and every way she could.  As the internship progressed, I had the opportunity to help many employees there create and learn how to use Google calendar.  This increased efficiency within the office tremendously.  Additionally, I was a major key in the completion of the Santa Fe Trail BOCES website.  For my last project, I helped reevaluate the special education teacher handbook.  All of these projects may seems mundane from the outsiders view; however, they were very novel and helpful experiences to me.  I formed associations and networking opportunities that will stay with me for years and years to come.  I didn’t expect to gain such an appreciation for what the organization does or how hardworking all of the employees are.  I didn’t expect to gain so many skills.  Most of all, I didn’t expect to have these experiences influence my life these past few months.  I’m not referring to making spreadsheets or licking envelopes, I’m referring to the respect I gained for this organization that works so incredibly hard and does so much good for children with learning impairments.  The employees are truly inspiring.  Below are a montage of pictures from very experiences throughout my internship.

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