Blog #5- Summary of Experience

When I first chose to do my Ogallala Commons internship at Rooks County Health Center I had no idea I would get as much out of it as I did. As graduation is fast approaching and I am needing to make a decision on where I would like to work, I wanted this internship to confirm that I really did want to go back to a rural hospital. I have worked in both a rural hospital such as, Norton County Hospital and a larger hospital such as, HaysMed and I’ve done clinicals in places larger yet such as, Wesley Medical Center. While I absolutely loved Wesley in Wichita, KS I want to live in a rural area particularly somewhat close to my family. After starting my internship at RCH, I soon came to realize that this rural hospital was not like most and the employees here were not like most. From the very beginning, everyone at RCH from the kitchen staff to the providers recognized that I was new and were willing to help me out with whatever I needed. These people truly work as a team to provide the best atmosphere and care for their patients.  During my time at RCH this summer I was able to experience several different settings within the hospital such as OB, Acute care, ER, PACU, OR, the clinic, and even some of the administrative aspects of the hospital. All of which were great experiences and I could see myself working in any one of those positions throughout my career as a nurse. As I continued my internship I fell in love with the forward-thinking mindset that everyone has at RCH, but especially the OB aspect of it all. I admired all of the awesome things they were already doing and even better things to come and I wanted to be a part of that team! I asked around about the possibility of an RN position come December after graduation and everyone was very supportive of the idea. I wanted to be more involved with what the doulas were doing so I was fortunate enough to get hired as a doula in training for the remainder of the summer and throughout this next school semester! After I graduate in December from Fort Hays State University with my Bachelors of Nursing degree I’ll be able to further discuss the opportunity of an RN position at RCH!

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