Blog 4: Community Service

During the internship time period, I did four different types of community service. The first one I am going to talk about was maintaining a cemetery. Near my house is the Ormega Cemetery, and over the summer, I have spend six hours mowing weeds and making sure the crosses look nice. Over the summer, I did this two times so far, and each time, I worked three hours. I chose this project because I want to be able to make my community look nice and presentable to anyone that drives by the cemetery. I think that the best part is knowing that I am improving my community and making it a nicer place. The most challenging part would probably be having to mow the weeds. There are usually a lot of weeds to mow, and it is boring just sitting there mowing for a long time. I think that this community service has impacted me by helping me take responsibility for making sure that it gets done.

This is the cemetery that I am taking care of.

The second community service I did was spending one-on-one time with a special needs (autism) student. While spending time with him, I interacted with him, and helped him develop more social skills. I chose this project because I really like helping people, and by doing this, it makes me feel like I am helping him, while at the same time, I am making a new friend. I think the best part of the project is knowing that I am able to make a difference in the students life. I don’t really think that there is a challenging part about spending time with him. This impacted me in a way that made me think about how I am making a difference for this student, and helping him in his life. I have done this twice, for two hours each, for a total of four hours.

This is the pond that I take the student to to go fishing.

The third community service I did was I helped move chairs for the Ogallala Commons Retreat. Myself, along with two other guys, had to move around a total of 200 chairs between two rooms. This made it possible for all of the interns to have a place to sit. I did this for an hour.

The last community service I did was I helped move a lot of paper plastic and paper into a truck to take to our local recycling plant. We were able to save plenty of products, and avoid turning them into wastes. We did this for a hour.

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