Blog #4 Community Service

For my community service I chose to devote my time to the local food bank, Loaves & Fishes. They are a non-profit organization and receive donations from the community. They accept canned goods, dried foods such as beans and rice, dry ingredients, fresh produce and eggs, dog food and supplies, diapers, and personal hygiene products. This place is run by two wonderful ladies. They are open on Thursdays from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. My job was to take donations and put them on the correct shelves and boxes. The first thing we did was put toilet paper and bars of soap into bags so they would be ready for the families. When we had families come in we had lists of what to put in the bags for them. What they got and the amount depended on the number of family members. It was usually beans or rice, flour, sugar, soup, peanut butter, spaghetti or sloppy joe mix, canned vegetables and/or fruit, a box of macaroni and cheese or other pasta, and something from the “Goodie Shelf”, and a bag of the toilet paper and soap. The “Goodie Shelf” had things like cake mix, frosting, pudding and Jell-O mix, baby food, and other things. After we put the bags together, we loaded them into a grocery cart and took the outside to the family’s vehicle. Then loaded the bags into their vehicle for them and gave them their ticket. In between families coming in, we swept and cleaned up. I really enjoyed my time spent there, it felt good to know that I was helping people in the community that really needed it. I don’t think about volunteering that much because I get so busy with my everyday life, but this made me decide that I want to do this every week. Its something that benefits the community and I like knowing that I am spending my time doing something of value.

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