Blog 4 : Community Service

For my community service hours I did several different things. Such as being a counselor at the D-1/2 District leadership lab. Working the D-2 first annual fishing tournament, setting up for our local Swisher County Picnic. At the leadership lab, we were tasked to chaperone the dance along with judging the best dancers. During the picnic celebration there was several things to get setup for the two days. Friday we loaded the trailer full of all of the supplies like the pots, pans, bread, onions, tents, and BBQ sauce. Where as on Saturday, we spent the morning setting up tables, chairs and tents for serving. During the process of serving the meal I was tasked to cut the meat into the proper serving size. All three of these greatly impacted my community and I was proud to do them. Each one is centered around the youth and how we can help them grow and be better. The most challenging aspect was waking up at 6:00 and staying up till 12:30 at the 4-h camp. Unlike my generation sleep is very important to me and I try to stay on a good schedule. Overall I greatly enjoyed my Community service and will continue helping my community in the near future.

Handing Out Reward at D-2 Fishing Tournament

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