Blog 4: Community Service

I decided to do my community service at the red willow farm, so that when I did start my internship I would know what I was doing and just get a feel for things, and how everything operated on the farm.

Somethings I did for my community service was learn how to harvest, and how to harvest certain produce because earthing is harvested different. I also weigh out the produce and bag the greens, and I learned how to properly wash and dry the produce for consumption. I also learned how the market works and how to cash handled and have good customer service. My community service hours I spent mainly picking weeds in the fields. I also believe I did and extra 4 hours for my community service 🙂

Some reasons I chose the service project that I did was because I wanted to see how a non-profit worked and runs, especially the Red Willow Farm because it’s on tribal land and Red Willow Farm gives a lot out to the community, and being here gives me a bigger and better insight on how everything works and how I can fit my role as a young indigenous woman, and what I can do to give back to my community and find ways to contribute to the best extent that I can to help my community have growth and prosperity.

The most challenging part for me was probably was just being out in the hot sun, but other then that I loved the experience and the so many things I learned! it was enlightening journey all through the way, and i’d absolute love to learn so much more on the way! Im rejoiced I chose Red Willow Farm to do my internship and the experienced impacted me to want to get more into my ancestral roots, and me seeing that within myself has inspired me to want to show other young indigenous youth where they come from and Taos Pueblo Culture and history, but not only Taos Pueblo, I want to educate the youth about all Native American history and what really happened to the history that you don’t learn in school, I also want to educate them on how our people survived long ago, and not having to depend on stores. This will benefit my community in the long run because, learning this and experiencing this has inspired me as a young youth to actually do sorting to help in the long-run, it doesn’t benefit the community immediately but in the long run in determined to make a change for my community. Sincerely, Jennifer K

overview of the field where me and staff planted in the Taos Pueblo traditional field. (Progress)
Here is some of the produce I help harvest, wash, dry, weigh and bag.
Here is a picture of some of the produce bags Red Willow Farm sells.

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