Blog #4 Canyon’s Commonwealth

Canyon, Texas is a small town success story. Settled by pioneers toward the end of the 19th century, it has since flourished into a beacon of social activity in the otherwise bland area that is the panhandle of Texas. Situated next to the City of Amarillo and home to West Texas A&M University, it boasts big city amenities while maintaining the morals and neighborly feel of a smaller town. It is able to accomplish this through the utilization of the commonwealth assets it is lucky to have.

The crowning glory of this small Texas town, West Texas A&M University is giving knowledge and training to around 10,000 students. It is often the only choice of higher education to the citizens of this area. However, at the same time it is also home to many international students. It took fist place in the most “Attractive Yet Affordable College Campuses” on The commonwealth asset of education is strong in this small town, with a well known and prominent Canyon High School and this beautiful university which is a hub of culture, entertainment, and knowledge.

The High Plains Historical Museum is another jewel in this town. Along with the library system in place, this city has a strong commonwealth asset in History and Arts and Culture. Bringing life to the origin story of this area covering everything from the natural history of long extinct wildlife to the simulated western ghost town in the basement, you can feel the history and the lives of people who once tamed this area. The museum also contains a local art exhibit showcasing beautiful pieces from local talents in the form of paintings, statuettes, and handmade furniture.

This community also boasts a strong sense of place, offering businesses and places for citizens to come together in order to enjoy one another’s company and the talents of local performers. Two of the most prominent of these include the Palace Coffee Company and the Imperial Taproom. Only a few doors down from one another in Canyon’s beautiful and historic Civic Square,  these businesses offer a place for denizens of Canyon to enjoy a latte or a pint and polite conversation. They are also frequent venues for local musical and poetic talents.
This town is a social hub for people who want to enjoy company without the fuss of the big city. Home to more than 10,000  full time citizens and many more students during most of the year, it is a beautiful diamond in the dust of the panhandle.

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