Blog #4

This summer has been an extremely busy one for me. Between work and finding time for swimming, I have had a harder time finding time to do community service. The weekends when I wasn’t working was completely taken up by swim meets. So, I figured, I could combine the two. My community service was broken up into three parts. The first two hours came from the internship retreat in Texas. One hour was spent moving chairs into the general meeting room and the second was used clearing tables after dinner when we were scheduled to. After that, my other eight hours were completely a part of swimming. I used the next for hours working at a B swim meet in Rocky Ford. The meet is completely volunteer ran and they need as much help as they can. I worked as a backup timer, so if a timer made a mistake, which happened quite often, I would run over to them and get the time of the swimmer for that timer. This really is a community event as all of the team within the Arkansas Valley come and support their younger swimmers. The last hours were used helping coach the Rocky Ford Blue Marlins Swim Team. The head coach brought me in to help some of the kids work on their advanced techniques. I did that for the next four days of practice they had before their state meet. This was my favorite part of the community service because I enjoyed helping teach/coach the kids on more advance stuff to help them improve. It’s a satisfying way to help teaching something that I’ve been a part of for so long. The overall community service really helped me reconnect with Rocky Ford and the Arkansas Valley after disappearing to school for nine months. It kept me involved instead of me running back to Golden or Pueblo all the time. Which helped me with keep a sense of community over the summer.

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