Blog 4

  1.   In my internship with  Ogallala commons I really dug deep and thought what could I do to help my community. I tried numerous small jobs which got me some hours, but I was like what could I really do to help the community or an individual. My first hour of community service was helping Swink Highschool get rid of all the paper that students had put in the recycling bin at the end of the year. We probably took twenty five bags of paper to the recycling center. I couldn’t believe how much paper our school could’ve wasted. My next hour of community service was actually at the retreat in Talon Point, Texas. We made it to Talon Point pretty early in the day, so Darryl asked us if we could help him move some chairs.  We ended up probably moving well over one hundred chairs so people could enjoy the retreat in comfort. From there on we then moved the chairs back to the original room they were in. My remaining hours of community service were pretty neat, at least I thought. My grandma introduced me to an old man that had fought in Vietnam. He was pretty sick. My grandma asked me if I could mow his lawn just once. So I did and then the next week I drove by again and it was long. So I just grabbed my mower and ended up mowing his yard for the rest of the summer. He became quite ill for awhile but I made sure that when he arrived back from the hospital that he would have a nice yard to go home too.  Ogallala Commons has a great system I think. I really like the fact that we have to do community service. Through this summer I would have never been introduced to some amazing people.

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