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For my community service, that was a part of my summer internship for Todd Ag Consulting through Ogallala Commons, a fellow intern and I picked up litter around local schools in Lubbock, Texas. Due to our limited time availability this option of community service made the most sense for our schedules. The other reason we decided to clean our streets up was because of the high volume of litter present in the world we live in today. We also decided to concentrate our focus on local schools as these parts of the community represent much more than just a building. These schools are where the next generations go to learn and become better citizens. In doing this they should not be surrounded by garbage as this may influence them into thinking that it is okay for themselves to litter. So once we were equipped with our neon colored safety vests we went to work. Our task was rather simple; pick up any litter and place it in a near recycle bin, dumpster, or conveniently placed trash receptor. Speaking for myself the best part about this community service was knowing I was making a direct impact on the community and especially the school around me. Being able to see what was once a trash filled ditch, field or fence line; clean as a whistle was truly astonishing. Being able to watch these kids play kickball at recess instead of kick the old Dr. Pepper can or Walmart sack, was an instant self reward. Easily the most challenging part of picking up trash for community service was the trash itself. It was not the most pleasing experience having to pick up soggy cardboard or flyers, half eaten fast food covered in ants, and old liquid containers which you don’t know exactly have inside them.