Blog 4

This summer I have done a couple of different things to help make up my community service hours. one thing I did was I helped mow the yard at our church across the street whenever it needed, sometimes I would do it by myself and other times my dad and I would split it up and knock it out a little bit quicker. It is not too hard of a task but it saves someone else out of the church from having to take time out of their day to come over and do it. Another thing I did was help run the sound booth a church for a week. Usually my sister does it but since she was out of town one week I stepped in and ran the sound booth for her. It is something that I used to do in the past but had to step away from the duty after going to college. Then the last thing I did to help complete my hours was I helped with Vacation Bible School at the local Methodist church for one evening a couple weeks ago. This is a program where kids come for 3 hours a day for a week to learn about Jesus and different Bible stories. I was only able to help for one night because of work but was glad that I got to be there for the time that I had. I would say that the biggest challenge I had with this was just working with the time that I had. Since I am doing this internship and working a job at the grocery store I did not have a lot of extra time this summer and like I said I would have like to be available the whole week for Vacation Bible School but was unable because of work. However, I am glad that I got to do what I did and make a positive impact on the community.

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