Blog 3: Identifying Your Community’s Commonwealth Assets

Kelli Holthaus

Blog 3: Identifying Your Community’s Commonwealth Assets

Due: July 5, 2015

My little community is full of people who care about other people. I will start by talking about sense of place because that is what I feel a community is all about; the yearn to want to come back. The love that people bring into our little town as well as the friendships shows the passion for keeping this community alive. Two main festivities that show Tribune’s sense of place are the Greeley County Fair and the June Jaunt. During fair time many families’ relatives and good friends come to town and enjoy the many activities and parades that are put together.

From physical activity to regaining good health there are many places of wellness in my community. The Greeley County Hospital, Clinic, and Long Term Care are all in one building and will be there round the clock for your health needs, as well as a local pharmacy. Forever Young Fitness at the local CYAT Center is a great place to get into shape. There are many classes offered from yoga and aerobics to weights. It is not unusual to see families out for a bike ride or walk or individuals out running the streets of Tribune.

In a small town it is sometimes difficult to find fun activities to do. Greeley County makes sure there are ways to keeps active and outside. There are a couple parks along with an outdoor basketball and tennis courts and during the summer time the Greeley County Swimming Pool is open. One of the main attractions during the summer is baseball and tee ball for the children and softball for adults. This is a fun and active way for people to enjoy each other’s company.

Having a well-rounded education after leaving Greeley County High School is important to our community. There are many options as to what classes you would like to take. Many of the teachers try their hardest to certify themselves to teach college course classes so students are able to graduate with those credits taken care of. Besides the school library, there is wonderful county library that has many learning activities for younger children. When you’re in the mood to learn some local history the Greeley-Horace Museum is the perfect place to learn your roots.

Food shed in my community is not hard to come by considering we have a local grocery store. Gooch’s Foods is the place for all your cooking needs. Shopping local is something my community strives to do even though times can be tough. The local Farmers Market is a good escape when you want homemade baked goods as well as farm fresh foods. Other than the grocery store and the farmers market, there is a food pantry that many people help support.

Greeley County holds a strong sense of religion. There are many different churches that will be able to accommodate your religion. Each year there is also a Vacation Bible School for the children, it is a very popular event.

My community is very much an agriculture town. Farming and livestock are two things that children get taught at a young age. With 4-H being a large impact on our youth, they learn about responsibility and leadership. From crafts to animals there are many projects that kids can do. In Greeley County there are feed yards, dairies, pig farms, and co-ops. All which are held together by our very own community members.

Even though I live in a small community there are so many opportunities that come out of it. After being in Lawrence at college for a year and coming back for the summer I see many things that I missed as I was growing up. I feel after exploring my community my eyes are opened to what all this small town offers.

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The top two photos are of 4-H youth. One is with the 4-H Livestock Traveling Trophy that Greeley County had won and the other is the singing of the pledge of allegiance at the annual 4-H banquet. Many of Tribunes youth is involved in 4-H and our community is proud of all these kids’ accomplishments.

The bottom picture is of the Greeley-Horace Museum. It used to be the old court house. Now it is filled with many pieces of Greeley County history.


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