Blog 3- Community Service

By: Laynee Unterkircher

I have always loved helping my community. That’s why when I learned I had to have at least ten community service hours I knew it would be easy. For my ten community service hours, I decided to volunteer at Meals On Wheels. Meals On Wheels is a program where you deliver meals to people who aren’t able to get out of their homes. This program takes meals to these people at lunch every weekday. Sometimes this meal is the only meal they get a day. I loved helping with Meals on Wheels because of how happy these people were when they got their meal. I would always greet the people with their names because it made them happy when they heard their names. Sometimes though seeing these people struggle to move made me really sad. However, I would always cheer up when I handed them their food because of how excited they would be.

The reason I chose this service project is because my grandpa would always talk about how important Meals On Wheels is. This project was also super fun because I loved talking with the people and most of the time they knew who my grandparents are so they have some stories to tell me. This experience truly showed me how many people in my community are in need. I’ve always known about Meals On Wheels but I never knew how many people had meals delivered to them. I would love to volunteer with Meals on Wheels again because I had so much fun volunteering. It’s always important to give back to your community. That’s why this program is so important because it truly helps so many people and it never needs to stop. Meals On Wheels is a truly amazing program that truly shapes and helps so many people. Before I volunteered with this organization I never knew how important it was but now that I volunteered with Meals On Wheels I know that this program truly helps so many lives.

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