Blog 3 – Commonwealth Nostalgia

Weather in Baca County can be temperamental at best, so when it is nice, it’s best to take advantage of it. I’ve found that the best way to do that is by walking to work. The walk is only about two blocks which makes it the perfect distance for a lazy person like me who probably wouldn’t walk if the distance were any greater. 😉

Walking the two blocks fulfills two of the Commonwealth Assets: health and sense of place. Health is pretty self-explanatory, even if it is only two blocks. Meanwhile, the sense of place has a little more to it. Number one: it’s a safe walk. There are no sketchy alleyways or crooks hanging around, at least not during the day (as far as I know). Number two: even though the distance is short, it allows some time to reflect on a day’s past or prepare for a day’s future. Number three: soon, I won’t be seeing such familiar sights everywhere so I shouldn’t be overlooking my community by driving. When I leave for college, there will be no more frequently babysat children playing in their yard across the street or passing by well-known churches harboring some of my best memories on my way to and from work.

My walk to work on a nice day

The Church of God and the Methodist church, obvious representations of spirituality, have been major parts of my growth not only as a Christ follower but also as a person. The first is my church, the one I attend every Sunday and run the sound system for, and of which my dad is the pastor. The Methodist church had the first youth group I attended (because mine didn’t have one) leading to friends and opportunities later on. Since my family really became friends with the Methodist pastor, the two churches have been closer, hosting joint services and activities such as the Christmas Eve service and VBS, respectively.

It’s been really cool watching the kids grow up and the churches develop over the years. Growth isn’t explicitly a commonwealth asset but I think that it is in all of them; the education and health systems are constantly evolving, history is continually being made, and a sense of place is always developing, to name a few examples.

I’m going to miss the familiarity of Baca County’s commonwealth but I know that thanks to OC, I will be able to identify the assets Oregon has to offer and take full advantage of them.

The Springfield Church of God (my church)
The Methodist Church

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