Blog 3: Commonwealth Assets

Before my internship, I never truly admired my town the way I should. Commonwealth is truly what keeps this town going. Throughout this experience, I’ve been able to see my town from all different vantage points. I was able to see the legal side working at the County Clerk office, and the recreational side working with the Chamber of Commerce. This internship has definitely made me appreciate the things that make my town the way it is. I believe that education is a very prominent commonwealth asset in Tulia. Every place of business that I have worked at, has truly been all about the learning aspect of their jobs. I was worried going into the internship that people were going to use me to do things that they didn’t want to do. But it has been the exact opposite, I have learned so much at every place I’ve worked. From learning how to make an exhibit at our local museum to selling clothes and home decor at a local boutique to digitizing the first book of marriage licenses from Swisher County. This week I’m with our local newspaper writer. There are so many parts I didn’t know went into putting together a newspaper. You have to upload photos, then edit them, then transfer them, then add a story or a caption to them. I walked in on Monday and I was so worried I wasn’t going to figure out all the parts, but my boss took me step by step and taught me everything. Not only did she teach me how to do her job she has taught me life lessons too. In between the photos and the news articles she has shared with me some of her knowledge about living in a small town and raiding children in a small town. She always has a smile on her face even when she stayed up the night before trying to cram stories into the newspaper. Commonwealth is truly what keeps towns expanding and functional. Education plays a big role in that, and I hope to one day lead a group of people to stay in their hometown and make it better with using the tools this internship has given to me.

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