Blog 3: commonwealth assets

Like we found out at the retreat, every community has all of the commonwealth assets. Nazareth is no different. While some assets have less than others, my community does have all of them.

Spirituality: church, catechism classes

History: German Fest, museum

Renewable energy: windmills

Education: school, religion classes

Soil & mineral cycle: farmers rotating crops/fields

Arts & culture: German Fest, Labor Day Festival, Suds & Sounds

Wildlife & the natural world: animals around the playa lake, city park

Water cycle: playa lake

Foodshed: gardens, farmers, food pantry, Naz Stop

Leisure & recreation: fairs, community meals

Sense of place: small town, everyone knows everyone

Health: fresh air, small enough to walk around, quiet

Since Nazareth is so small, many of the commonwealth assets are different than most towns. Others we have to go to a different town to have access to. In health, our mental and spiritual health has lots to benefit from, but for physical we have to go somewhere else. We have a lot of history here, though. Our town celebrates its German roots with a town-wide party called German Fest. People from all over the area come to celebrate. Sometimes people in the community dress up in traditional German clothes. For arts and culture, we have many festivals, but the most well-known one is Suds & Sounds. Local and famously known bands play for the town and the visitors. For renewable energy, we have two windmills in city limits, and many around the outside of town. We have a park and many animals for wildlife, including some swift foxes. Nazareth has very unique commonwealth assets, and I wouldn’t change it.

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