Blog 3: Commonwealth Assets

After completing the Commonwealth Mapping Exercise, I was enlightened by the overall use of the commonwealth assets in the small community of Swisher County. Of the twelve commonwealth assets we have all twelve. When it comes to education, we have our local school districts who make a valorant effort each year. Whereas we have a tremendous Health system here, being the Swisher Memorial Health Care system. When it comes to Leisure and Rec, we hit the hammer on the nail. Lake Mackenzie offer us the full experience from boating, fishing, hiking and riding ATV’s. Here in the local area, there are several spirituality groups who all met and help practice techniques to improve their mental and physical state. History is very important to us here; we celebrate our annual Picnic celebration. Which is where we have our local SCAA who cooks a meal that helps sponsor our local Stock Show in the Spring of next year. The Picnic also engulfs our parade, rodeo, dance and our famous ” Cruising of Dip”. Sense of Place pretty much describes us here, its easy to fit in and make you feel at home right away. Arts & Culture is one we are proud of here, we had Kenneth Wyatt who is widely known for his western paintings. I am going to lump the Water cycle and Soil & Mineral Cycle together as a whole. Mainly since they pertain to our local farmers and produces who are trained and educated in ways that not only help them but help the environment. Food shed is shown here by the community gardens that were set in place along with the ” Meals on Wheels” program which offers a great community service. With the final two being Wildlife and Renewable Energy, we see an abundance of animals out here on the plains from the birds in the sky to the snakes rattling at your feet. Renewable Energy is scarcer, but we do have several houses who have equipped solar panels and we hope to have Wind Turbines soon. When push comes to shove, we do it all here, and we would not have it any other way.

Kenneth Wyatt Painting
Lake Mackenzie

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