blog #3

Blog #3


In my community the big commonwealth assets that I observed play a key role in the community are education, health, and spirituality. Education in the community is very important, from every preschool up we have a very great education staff and administration that care every student and want to you to be the best person and student you can be. In Clovis we offer 3 preschools, 13 elementary’s, 3 middle schools, and 1 high school. From an early age there is several opportunities to become successful from an early age. Health ties into education because everyone is always is concerned when someone is mentally or physically struggling. There are several hospitals and local health resources you are able to go to if you are physically needing help. If you are emotionally struggling there are several counselors in the community that are available to you. The biggest that stand out to me for the Clovis community is spirituality. We are a small town so people really get involved with what is going on, whether it is relay for life or a local sporting game we have a lot of support and care for each other and our town. A big example that stands out to me is we recently had a shooting happen at our local community library and it took the lives of two people. It was a horrific event that we have never experienced as a town before but we all banned together and offered any help that was needed. We did a candle light service to the two people who passed away and hundreds of people showed in support. Overall of the 12 assets Clovis offers all of them , but the three i mentioned before education, health, and spirituality really stood out as key parts in the community.              



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