Blog 3

On this third blog of our internship I will be discussing the twelve key assets of commonwealth and how they apply to my community. First off, I am going to give you a background of my community. Plainview, Texas is a town of roughly twenty-one thousand people that I have been able to call my community for the last year now. Most of the people in Plainview have backgrounds inside of the agricultural world. Before this internship I was a student and baseball player at Wayland Baptist University; this helps me recognize some commonwealth a little easier since I have a little more background in my community. The Easiest commonwealth asset for me to recognize is “education” I see the education part of Plainview nearly every day as I journey onto the Wayland Campus. This campus is a vital part of the community as it brings thousands of kids and families to Plainview who help boost the Plainview economy. Another part of education besides the obvious schools is the education you can gain from just speaking with a member of the community one on one. Another asset of Plainview that stands out most to me is leisure and recreation. Most of these social opportunities come inside of a church in this small community. This asset really stands out to me because this seems like such a down to earth old school south tradition. It seems like your neighbor or John Doe who you usually enjoy a cup of coffee with before service notices that you are gone before you know. Those are some of the commonwealth assets that standout most to me inside my small-town Texas community.

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