Common Wealth Assets of the Small Plainview

Hello Fellow Readers,

Most of y’all know me already, my name is Tony Lee Hernandez. I am interning at the City of Plainview. Plainview is definitely my hometown. I was born in Plainview, but moved out of the town when I was four years old. My family and I moved out of Plainview because of my mother’s occupation. The family moved to a small town called, Waxahachie, TX, close to the Dallas area. We stayed there for four years. After those four years we moved back into Plainview where I started fourth grade. We’ve been here ever since.

Like most small towns, Plainview, TX has been here for a while. The assets of the town are pretty predictable considering the town is located in West Texas! Three of the assets Plainview has are Agriculture, Leisure and Recreation, and our new asset renewable energy.

Agriculture has been apart of Plainview since way back when. Here, farmers grow corn, cotton, wheat, and watermelons. The town has been blessed with a lot of rain this year so our crops will be ready and good to go this year!

Another asset Plainview has is our Leisure and Recreation. The city has three parks, a new skate park, the YMCA, and our movie theater. While Plainview may be a small town, there are still many things to do!

The newest asset that was brought to town a couple months ago is Renewable Energy. Wind turbines have recently been added to our town! These have not been installed but turbines have been placed at the site where they will install them later this year or early next year.


Peace out y’all,

Tony Lee Hernandez

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