Blog #3

There are twelve commonwealth assets and these are some of them that I noticed form my community. Health would be an asset and that would be our local hospital. Leisure and recreation would probably be our city park because a lot of activities are held there and many people go to hangout and take walks. Education would be our school here that many kids go to learn. Elderly people could also teach us many new things about the town we live in. Sense of place could be our butte that you can see when coming in to town. Renewable Energy could be the wind farm that is between Springfield and another town. Our food shed would be our grocery store here in town. For wildlife and natural world it would be the canyons that are around here. Lastly, arts and culture is a big one here in Springfield. Especially during our homecoming we do many traditions that our school has done for man years.

The most striking asset in my community would probably health. I choose health because I did my internship at our local hospital. I learned a lot of new things there and I also met many new people. There are many people that work at this hospital and even many other people from towns nearby us. The hospital is connected to our nursing home also. The nursing home is also a huge part of our community. Many people that grew up here in Springfield are in the nursing home. Without the hospital there would definitely be a lot of people without any jobs or they would have a different job. The hospital is probably the most striking asset in my community.

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