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I have learned that in order for a community to be successful it must have the twelve commonwealth assets. These assets can help a community grow and evolve weather it’s a poor community or a rich one. Going around Garden City and looking for each asset, I learned more about where I was born and raised. I believe an example of the History asset in Garden City would be the Windsor Hotel. It is a four story hotel located in Main Street that was built in 1887. Another History asset would be the State Theater, also located in Main Street just across the Windsor Hotel. The State Theater was opened in May 1929 and was operated by Commonwealth Amusement. A Wildlife & Natural World asset would be the Lee Richardson Zoo. It was established in 1927 and was named after the Chief of Police and Park, Lee Richardson. A museum and a gift shop are also located at the entrance of the zoo. Lee Richardson Zoo is now home to over 100 species of animals and a great place to go to connect with the wildlife.  St. Catherine Hospital would be an example of the Health asset of Commonwealth. This hospital was founded by two pioneering physicians and the Dominican Sisters in 1931. It is now part of Centura Health, the largest health system in Colorado and western Kansas. Completing the Commonwealth Mapping Exercise helped me learn more about what commonwealth is and what it has to do with the community.

Windsor Hotel on Main Street
State Theater on Main Street
Museum and Gift Shop at the entrance of Lee Richardson Zoo
St Catherine Hospital

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