Blog 3

There are a lot of examples of commonwealth and involvement in my community hear in southeast Colorado, however, the one that I want to talk about today is the commonwealth asset of leisure and recreation. I chose this one because I like to participate in recreational activities as well so it is naturally what I notice most when I am out and about. Hear in Springfield there is a very nice park located in the middle of town that many of the local adults and kids like to hang out. Many times you will see kids playing on catch, on the swings or shooting hoops on the basketball court. As for the adult it is a great place to walk around or interact with the kids whether that be pushing the swings or shooting with the kids. The park is also host to events where the whole town will come for a meal and see what is upcoming for the start of the new school year so the fact that it is there really creates opportunity for recreation. Another activity that is more on the leisure side of things is the county fair that is in town this week. the fair is a great opportunity for kids to come with their friends and enjoy activities and adults to gather and make conversation while enjoying the for and the festivities, so, it is a great place for everyone in the county to come and have fun. these are just a few of the many possibilities to get out and about in Springfield and I think that this commonwealth asset will continue to thrive.

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