Blog 3

  In a growing community, you need people who can contribute by helping it fleurish. That is why our public school systems are here. The significance of school is to help bring the next generation of young adults who are going to help our community grow and strive. That is why it is important for our education to be taken seriously so that we can go on and better ourselves and our community with whatever job skill you want to obtain. Although some might not go on to college, they can still use what they have learned in school to be apart of the community. This is one way we can spread commonwealth. 

   Another essential part of our community is health. Our hospital, Swisher Memorial Healthcare, brings many jobs to our community. More importantly, it allows people to have a source of care without having to travel long distances. The hospital also offers a health clinic for anyone with an illness. In case of emergency there are ambulances and a helicopter to go and seek to those who are in need. 

   Swisher County also has its fair share of farmers. Farmers not only provide jobs but they are a huge part of our community. If you work for a farmer, they teach you lifelong values and how to appreciate success. They contribute by providing food and growing cotton fibers used for the clothing on our backs. Farming is the heartbeat of our society. Without them, it would be challenging for the rest of the community to prosper.

   With all the other great things in our community these three commonwealth assets stood out to me the most. They help our community grow and thrive. 

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