Blog 3

This is my second time completing the CommonWealth Assets Mapping Exercise in my community.  Before I did my second attempt at mapping, I listened to Darryl Birkenfeld’s presentation on CommonWealth Assets.  Darryl’s outlook on this activity opened my eyes to see it from a different point of view.  I chose Wildlife and the Natural World as my number one asset.  I grew up in a rural community where we rely on animals.  Goodland, Kansas is one of many places out in the beef country.  I grew up around farmers and cattlemen.  Though those are the number one food source, it is not the only type we eat.  Pheasant, deer, turkeys, and more wild animals are very useful to us.  Pheasant’s Forever is one organization whose main goal is to provide habitat for birds.  Along with wildlife comes the education our community offers.  Like most places, we have a public school for all ages to learn.  One thing that separates us is our ability to teach shooting.  I was raised as an outdoorsman’s child and have been shooting wild animals and doing target shooting since a very young age.  Just recently our high school made the new addition of a Trap and Skeet Team.  We all were very excited as it is an opportunity for all to see what shooting is about.  One piece of my community I saw that needs help is health.  We have a local hospital but sadly it is falling downhill tremendously.  Just recently, two of our family doctors left and now an entire town is relying on one doctor.  New management is taking over and we hope all works out well.  Overall this mapping exercise made me dig in and see the light of our community.  Our Spirituality is the reason we are hunters, the reason we rely on wildlife, and the reason we are who we are.    

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