Blog 2: What I’ve Been Up To

My Work Setup

I’ve been doing my apprenticeship with Primitive’s Web Development team. My mentor, Michael, has been showing me around the company systems and their way of doing things. For the more technical reading, basically learning php instead of react, and learning how they structure their projects. He and others have also been giving me work to help them with, such as editing page styles and linking old pages to their custom Content Management System (CMS) templates. I also just completed my first full page completely by myself (with only a few questions asked). It was a lot trickier than me or Michael expected because we were trying to add specific custom styles to a preexisting slideshow library, which is surprisingly really hard if those styles are unique at all.

Coworker corrects my code.

Me and the other interns have also been joining many different zoom meetings. Whether that’s intern specific, such as developer stand up meetings three days a week, or the weekly intern workshops hosted by Annie, our Chief of Staff.

In terms of goals, a big goal of mine is to become very efficient communicating with other developers online. While I’ve had a decent amount of prior experience communicating online with school and other internships, the harder subjects and very professional way they treat their projects has been a new challenge. The main goal I have, however, is to create enough of a professional network/experience that if Primitive isn’t hiring after my apprenticeship, I can use that network/experience to gain a new job afterwards.

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