Blog 2: What Are You Up To?

Between helping with the city’s recreation department, the chamber of commerce, and other nonprofits the first few weeks of my internship have been fast and furious! In my time spent with the recreation department, I’ve done everything from coaching, to maintenance work, to office work and errands. Some new skills I’ve learned are how to take book and maintain a baseball field, how to coach kids, and how to do various tasks in the office. I’ve also attended a chamber meeting and have been helping them out with Hot Dog Wednesdays. All of my time in between has been spent with various nonprofit organizations. For example, I helped with a two week summer camp that our counties Family and Education Services puts on. This camp started as an opportunity for adults who use English as a second language to come take classes while their kids do various activities. It has grown in leaps and bounds and we had a bunch of kids out this summer! I also have several goals to achieve this summer. My goal in communication is to be constantly in touch with my supervisors and ask questions when I have them so that everything will run smoothly. My leadership goal is to build a relationship with every kid I work with over the summer by talking to each one of them when I get the chance to. My networking goal is to have a discussion and become more comfortable with each business man and woman I come across in order to expand my network.

Making bracelets with kids at the Family and Education Services Summer Camp!
Helping with a local basketball camp.
Taking book at baseball games.

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