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Blog 2: What am I up to?

My Internship so far has helped me realize that I have a vast amount of knowledge to learn when it comes to I.T. ,and I luckily have plenty of help to get me there. I have been working on updating all of the city hall’s laptops to prepare them for future usage and making sure that all of our computers are backed up. The work has been fun and a great learning experience. My early goals for myself that I set before going into my internship were wanting to get a better understanding of the work I would be doing which I’ve been able to do to a great extent thanks to those around me. I also wanted to grow a better understanding of working in a professional work environment because this would be the first time I’ve worked in an office setting which is worlds apart from the kitchen I’m used to working in. The final goal I set for myself was to improve my communication skills, my communication can be excellent or seemingly non-existent which is why I wanted to work on it. The internship has helped me really work on communicating whether it was to ask for help or just for small conversations in the office which helped me get to know some of the staff. I’m really looking forward to continuing with this internship so that I may continue to work on my goals and so that I can go on seeing what else I may have left to learn.