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Blog 2: What am I up to?

Project Update:

During the first part of my internship with the Custer Economic Development Corporation, I have been able to help build the Business, Retention, and Expansion (BRE) program. My first step was to create a set of questions to help track the business community. These questions were designed to identify the challenges and assets of doing business in the county. After creating the questions, I started identifying business people that I wanted to interview. Over the last four weeks, I have done 8 interviews. I am still identifying people and lining up interviews as I go.

I did a BRE interview at Thomas Livestock last week.

Another piece of my internship is helping to lead other interns on our team. This is my third internship, so I think that I am able to offer them some tips to make sure that they have a great summer. Each of us has our own projects but we offer help and support where we can. I hope that I am able to help each intern have a successful and impactful summer.

My Goals:

Communication (SMART Goal): I will conduct at least two Business, Retention and Expansion (BRE) interviews each week of my internship.

“Market on the Square” happens every Thursday in Broken Bow.

Networking (Stretch): I will meet with board members and help them see them see me as a consultant and not just a student.

Leadership (Process): I will ask my team members thought-provoking and project propelling questions each day. These questions will help each project be the best it can be.