Blog 2- Internship at the District Attorney’s Office

By: Gwyneth Shaddon

Hello, this is Gwyneth Shaddon and I am interning at the Potter County District Attorney’s Office in Amarillo, TX. My internship has been going great so far! I have been attending Jury Trials in the courts and have even been helping different Attorneys with their cases. I get to take notes in the trials and I even help choose jurors during voir dire. I have learned a lot about how our Justice System works and how different laws apply. It is interesting to see how the process works and how it ultimately plays out. One aspect of the job that I have improved the most on is learning law-related vocabulary.

The first days I was there I was just about drowning in words that I have never heard before. But after a while, I started using those same words myself in regular conversations. I was very nervous on my first day in the office and during my first trial, but it did not take long to fit in. Everyone in the office is very friendly and is always happy to explain the court processes. Cameras are restricted in the building so I had to get these two photos approved. My main goal is to become more social and to introduce myself to new people. I also want to learn more about how to be a leader in the workforce as well as in the community. I believe I have already expanded my professional network because I have met so many new people and have placed myself within this workforce.

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