Blog 2: First Experiences

  • My first experiences working with my job were very interesting. I learned so much on the first couple days of work!  On my first day of work I was told to build a birm to transport irrigation water from one field to another. The main purpose of this task was for the field which had water on it was to dry up. After the field had dried up the farmer would get in the field and disk it up. Also another part of my job is to do a lot of water sampling and YSI. For those of you who don’t know what YSI is, it measures the pH and the specific conductivity in the water. We have numerous wells that we go out and take the YSI weekly. Also, when we collect the water samples from our wells, irrigation ditches, lakes, as well as creeks those water samples are sent off to a bigger company to be tested. The three goals I set for myself are: Getting better at communication, taking on bigger responsibilities, and getting to know more people. Through this job I have already met some people I never even thought I would meet. The past week I also got to participate in one of the companies board meetings. It was very interesting. It was a learning experience to go and sit in one of the companies meetings. They were very professional about how to run a meeting. Various farmers and bosses from the company came down to this meeting. It was super  beneficial!

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