Blog 2: First Experiences

I am working on Nazareth’s newsletter, Swift Kicks, so that I can find out about events in my community in order to keep everyone informed. I am the chief editor and one of two writers for the paper. My duties involve collecting, writing and editing stories, creating the format, and printing and distributing the papers to various places around town. I have written stories about many different topics, ranging from sports results to community activities to obituaries. I print the newspaper and post it on WordPress every Wednesday morning, usually around 7:15 a.m. Some of the places I deliver to include our post office and our local convenience store, Naz Stop. Most of my experiences have not been extremely noteworthy, but a few do stand out. The first was the second or third time I published the paper. When I deliver the papers to Naz Stop, there is always a group of men gathered there. This particular week, one of the men commented on the fact that the paper is always on time and that his family has come to expect it every week. This proved that while what I am doing is not completely life-changing, it is important to those in my community. The second was the week I started publishing. I was speaking to one of my friend’s parents, and she was saying how much she looked forward to getting Swift Kicks. She said that she enjoyed the fact that it was accurate news that was relevant to the community. Its times like these that make some of the struggles worth while.

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