Blog 2

The three goals that I had set for myself during my internship time was better communication skills with doctors, better teamwork skills, and professionalism. When I say better communication with the doctors, I mean being able to give them a brief report of the patient that includes pertinent information that they need to know. Being on the floor is a place that you have to be able to communicate with the doctors especially if a patient is tanking or condition is getting worse. In labor and delivery, the doctor will come check the patient and then get back on their daily grind. Calling with updates on the patient’s progress is something that the doctors need. When working with others every day of the week, people can get on each other’s nerves. Being able to not let others get under my skin and being able to take a deep breath and move on, is something that I continue to work on daily. Each person has their own pet peeves that will bother them. Professionalism is another aspect of nursing that is very important to it as a profession. I work at professionalism by when I walk into a patients room, calling them by their name or what they would like to be called by. Also, not talking about patients outside of work or where others can hear me. Also keeping my scrubs clean and wrinkle free is another way that I practice professionalism.

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