Blog #2

Over the course of the summer I am going to be working with Alan and Alex to create second year curriculum for the Vanguard Youth Leadership Academy. Although we are working together we all have our own personal projects. Alex will be working on and designing the actual second year curriculum for this program, only asking for help when needed. Alan will be tweaking and improving the first year program by removing and adding new activities. While Alan and Alex are working on their parts of the Youth Leadership Academy, I will be working on the public relations side of things. I have been working on advertising for our youth leadership program, and getting the word out. All while contacting potential mentors for the kids to get to know and create great relationships with. We will continue to advertise and implement this program throughout the Arkansas Valley, and encourage kids to attend. Not only to to learn about leadership but to learn what it takes to be a great role model and leader to the younger kids of the community. Our goal is to give students a foundation for leadership throughout their life. A secondary goal and natural by-product of the program is that we will be training the future leaders of our communities, as the majority of present day leaders in our communities grew up here 25+ years ago. The ages for this youth leadership program will include anyone in the grades of 9-12 and will include about 50 kids from Baca County. We have been working hard on this program for some time and look forward to seeing the youth get involved more in their communities.


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