Blog #2

Through these weeks I have been able to see a few different physicians and many different patients. Though most patients may come in with similar issues and get the same treatment. Other than the clinic I have had the opportunity to observe in the operating room. Some of the operations may even seem easy and anyone could probably do them. The first operation I got to see was a ganglion cyst removal with Dr. Davis the general surgeon. The operation was very quick and easy and I knew all the steps and what he was doing. The next procedure I got to see was a colonoscopy, this was very interesting to see but I also had no idea what I was looking for. For the next procedure, I was able to observe a revision of a BKA (below knee amputation) with Dr. Hajek. All these surgeons are an inspiration to me but the one surgeon that sticks out the most is Dr. Hajek. He is definitely my new role model and I want to grow up to be just as confident and smart as him. I may not go into ortho but he still inspires me.

A goal that I have in communication is being able to talk and ask more questions about surgeries and patients. Most of the time I may be shadowing and just observe. But I want to be able to get more involved and ask more questions. A goal in leadership I am setting for myself is that I want to become a better listener and take a challenge or a leap of faith. This last goal, I have already been working on. I am able to expand my professional network through all of the different physicians that come through the hospital. This allows me to know multiple surgeons and their team.

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